Munich council finds €49.3m for Windows 10 embrace

5 hours 24 minutes ago
Open source dream officially dies in Bavarian city

The city of Munich will spend €49.3m (£43.9m/ $58.4m) going all-in on Windows after local politicos agreed to call time on the failing 15-year open source project.…

Andrew Silver

Fujitsu imagines adjusting your rear view mirror for better hearing

7 hours 26 minutes ago
Yes, hearing: vibrating glass turns mirror into 'superdirective speaker'

Fujitsu Ten, the Japanese giant's automotive outfit, has developed technology that turns sheets of glass into speakers and thinks it could be used to help drivers talk on the phone without disturbing passengers.…

Simon Sharwood

SurfaceBook 2 battery drains even when plugged in

10 hours 26 minutes ago
Microsoft's power pack can't deliver the juice fast enough to keep up

Microsoft's acknowledged an embarrassing issue with its SurfaceBook 2 laptop – its battery can drain even while plugged into its power pack.…

Simon Sharwood

Firefox to warn users who visit p0wned sites

13 hours 32 minutes ago
Do you really want to go there? And does Mozilla, which hasn't figured out how to do this and preserve security, privacy

Mozilla developer Nihanth Subramanya has revealed the organisation's Firefox browser will soon warn users if they visit sites that have experienced data breaches that led to user credential leaks.…

Simon Sharwood

VMware refuses to support its wares running in Azure

14 hours 53 minutes ago
Who is Microsoft's mystery partner? We think it's a hyperconverged player

VMware has responded to Microsoft's plan to run its stack in Azure, by saying customers who choose that option will have to forego support.…

Simon Sharwood
45 minutes 54 seconds ago
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