Apple moves on HSTS abuse in Safari

3 hours 52 minutes ago
WebKit updated to kill 'supercookies'

Apple has moved to block an abuse vector in the WebKit framework that underpins its Safari browser and allows HSTS to be abused to act as a 'supercookie' for user tracking.…

Richard Chirgwin

BOOM! Cambridge Analytica explodes following extraordinary TV expose

9 hours 41 minutes ago
Undercover investigation reveals dodgy tactics and sparks search warrant

Updated  Controversial data analytics firm Cambridge Analytics has been hit with an emergency data seizure order in England following an extraordinary series of events Monday night that revolved around a TV undercover expose.…

Kieren McCarthy

BT: We're shuttering final salary pension scheme

13 hours 44 minutes ago
Hybrid arrangement hatched, union says it's best they'll get

Former UK state-owned telco monopoly BT has confirmed the closure of the defined benefit BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) from the end of May with a "hybrid" replacement waiting in the wings.…

Richard Speed
2 hours 10 minutes ago
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